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I designed this packaging for the fictional exotic meats restaurant, Matador’s. These small wine bottles complement many of the unconventional meals that are served. 

Oct 18
Package Design

This wine bottle design drew inspiration from the stars. 

Meteor Merlot:  Being inspired by the name Meteor, we chose to mimic a star-filled night sky. The 360 degree print on the Merlot bottle is the only one we’ve ever seen that covers 100% of the bottle. And because of the process of how they are printed, each bottle ends up being a little different than the last.

Meteor Midnight Red: The midnight sky over Irvington, Virginia—home of Meteor wine—is clear and dark. When the full moon rises, it’s bright enough to see everything. We wanted to focus on that midnight moon for Midnight Red and printed a grayscale moon on silver metallic label stock. We like to think this bottle is a nice example of “less is more.”

Meteor Bright White: A simple design to showcase the wine in the bottle. The bright color of this bottle is a great contrast to the rest of the Meteor line.

Meteor Firefly: The first in a series of paper labels for Meteor. After a few years of the same bottle designs, Meteor wanted to switch it up and use paper labels. We felt that we needed to keep some of the “space-iness” of the former bottles. This led to a multi-layered label, giving the apperance of a label on top of a label. We focused on the “Meteor Guy” peering through his empty bottle into space and layered him with some old “spacey” stamps and labels for the brand and vineyard.”

(Source: The Dieline)

Mar 15
Meteor Wine